a restaurant in georgia

the setting
Restaurant … is beautifully designed. A little bit industrial, nice sofas, attention to every detail (even the bathroom was pretty). They show Charley Chaplin movies on the wall. And a violist played was playing.

the food
We have been around (Holland, Albania, Cambodia etc), but this one scores in the top 3 of worst ever. After more than one hour we got our maincourses. After 10 more minutes the soup arrrived. The food is nothing special and everything was too salty.
I had a glass of red wine. I asked for a second one. After 15 minutes the waitress said they didn’t want to open a new bottle and she offered another option. She then came with a glass of rose!

the Barbies
Too blond, too tanned, too skinny. In the restaurant there were three of them. They were not eating, not drinking, not serving tables. Maybe the owners?

One of the other guest was a little bit drunk and emotional. Then the Barbies came into action and called Security. A car with siren came. Three guys (too big, too fat, uniforms a little bit too tight) got out of the car. They stood around for quite a while. The drunken guest had already disappeared.

power cut
After things settled down a little bit, there was a power cut! The whole town got dark. And it was already raining…

the violist
In the beginning of the evening the violist was struggling, with the sound system, with the waitresses who advised her. But, while the above mentioned things happened, she played better and better. Especially during the power cut she played the stars from heaven.

Dit verhaaltje is in het Engels geschreven in plaats van in Nederlands. Dat is omdat het in eerste instantie was bedoeld als recensie voor Tripadvisor. Maar ja, dat zou wellicht een beetje sneu zijn voor dit restaurant.